In my six years as a stepmother, I have been degraded, alienated, and threatened by a high conflict birth mom and her partner. The same CPS office where I fostered and worked was called to my home on my birthday to investigate false accusations. My integrity and motivations were the source of speculation and ridicule. My character was attempted to be assassinated in a court of law.

My stepson is the thirteenth child I raised under my roof. This year he turned thirteen. We are stronger than ever. I learned so many many things along the way- letting go, standing in truth, what is my mess and what isn’t. Mainly I learned that the powerful presence of pure love is an overcoming force that can never be broken.

When you attempt to tear down love, there is a great and powerful reckoning that rises like a wave and washes away anything in its path that is not good and true. A house not in order and built on a rock will fall. My house still stands. It stands with this boy in it, with his goofy jokes and musical mind. My house stands with a shared affection built on years of integrity and right relationship, full of abundance and blessings. This journey is the most challenging one I ever undertook, but every step brought growth and led us, one step at a time, home.