People have a lot of expectations or judgments when they hear the word shaman, psychic, or energy healer. I joke that people expect me to show up in a caftan, dripping crystals. These judgments are showing up a lot for my students who worry how they will be received as they step into their gifts.

As I’ve said before, I’m just a wife and a mother who has honed and refined gifts that we all share. I’m also a Christian, which some people find incongruent. To me, its following the teachings of Christ, while leaving dogma behind. I’m using the gifts that God gave me in pursuit of healing for myself and the world at large. I became really good at listening and paying attention and allowing Spirit to flow through me.

I am only a vessel, leading others to the highest versions of themselves, hopefully. I believe the more we all learn to listen, the more we allow ourselves to be vessels of light, the better our world becomes. This is why I enjoy teaching so much. I love sharing the vast collection of knowledge I accumulated over the last decade. My calling is to serve others in my work and my actions. My calling is to spread hope in my community and the wider world. It’s that simple, no matter how complicated anyone else wants to make it.