Conscious Divorce, Step-Parenting, and Blended Families

Sarah is a mother of five biological, adopted, and step children. She is also a child of divorce and multiple remarriages. Sarah provided foster care to domestic and refugee children for five years. Her work with these children and personal journey through divorce and co-parenting gives her unique insight on the makeup of families, generational and spiritual struggles, and the needs of those navigating family conflict.

Conscious divorce allows us to respond rather than react, and to keep the needs of ourselves and our children in the forefront. We learn to handle the unique situations that the dissolution of a family brings from a place of empowerment and priorities. Conscious divorced parents make informed decisions, stay present and non reactive in their day to day lives and the lives of their children.

Sarah is passionate about helping families experiencing divorce or blending their family. When we create better outcomes for our children, we create a better world. She often jokes that as a stepmom, she has “an honorary doctorate in high conflict narcissistic co-parenting”. Sarah and the father of her children manage to co-parent their children in a way that allows optimum outcomes for their children. However, she is also incredibly knowledgeable about what works and doesn’t work when dealing with former spouses who exhibit unhealthy behavior patterns.

Divorce, step-parenting, and blending families can be lonely, with few places to turn. Sarah can help with:

  • Navigating divorce and the family court system
  • Blending families
  • Living the single life
  • Creating a co-parenting plan so your children can thrive
  • Identifying how past trauma affects the present
  • Understanding your triggers and working past them
  • Finding joy in your role as a stepparent
  • Parallel parenting
  • How and when to be a “nacho” stepparent
  • Finding peace in divorce and blended family life

*Sliding scale fees available

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    What Clients Are Saying

    “Working with you is like having a mom, a psychic, and a therapist all in one!”


    “I’ve been seeing a therapist about this for ten years and we just released it in one hour!”


    “Thank you so much! I have hope again and am feeling so much better.”


    “Everything that has been holding me back for twenty years is gone, and I am free to walk in my power.”

    S. J.

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