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Expectations and Judgements

People have a lot of expectations or judgments when they hear the word shaman, psychic, or energy healer. I joke that people expect me to show up in a caftan, dripping crystals. These judgments are showing up a lot for... Read More

Working with Animals

Energy healing isn’t just for people.... Read More

Energy Field

I snapped this photo in my living room this morning. This is a perfect example of what someone’s energy field can look like. To learn more about how to see energy and honor their own unique gifts, join my Private... Read More

A Shaman’s Mesa

A shaman’s mesa is a portable altar, a healing bundle representing all the pieces of ourselves we healed so we may be in service to others.... Read More

Weaving In Ends

I was thinking last night that perhaps yarn has saved my life. This sounds dramatic, but feels true. I taught myself how to crochet in 1998 using an old library book while heavily pregnant with my second child, sitting on... Read More