The Yarning Shaman

And when I was at
the bottom of the well
She threw down a length of yarn
and told me to
~Ann Patchett

Sarah Hurley, Shaman

Sarah Hurley, The Yarning Shaman

Sarah Beth Hurley is a shamanic energy healer at the Yarning Shaman who works with individuals who want to unlock and understand their own individual gifts and energy body and connect more deeply with indigenous wisdom.

Sarah believes knitting together our own wisdom and intuition allows people to live in greater abundance and grace. We are all connected, part of the fabric of the earth, woven together as mind, body, and spirit.

Sarah studied and later worked at the Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D. There, she completed an in-depth shamanic training program and assisted at workshops, deepening her own natural gifts, abilities, and personal medicine. Sarah now helps individuals and groups along their own healing paths.

During her practice of over a decade, she published an energy medicine workbook for children, studied Healing Touch, and the healing of childhood trauma and addiction.

Outside of her passion for her work, Sarah is an avid knitter and mother of five. She is a former foster parent for both domestic and refugee children and runs Switchlife, a skateboarding nonprofit alongside her husband. They also own Ayni Skateshop in Roanoke, Texas

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